Hydropak International has designed and manufactured its own Reverse Osmosis Plant. These plants are efficient and cost effective instead of imported plants. Our team has a years of experience in this field and now we are bringing our own product to the market for our esteemed clients. We also import this product from China and other countries. 

Desalination, Water Treatment & Reclamation of Minerals
Through Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse osmosis plants require a variety of pre-treatment techniques including softening, dechlorination, and anti-scalent treatment. Following pre-treatment, high levels of pressure send water through a semi-permeable membrane, which retains all contaminants but lets pure water pass through.
Water produced by reverse osmosis may be used for a variety of purposes, including desalination, wastewater treatment, the concentration of contaminants, and the reclamation of dissolved minerals.

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